Sebastiano Pirisi


Co-founder of CoRete

What do I do?
I actively participate in building innovative communities as CoRete Roma and Ouishare. In the past I have been part of the project Cantiere Barca in Turin and I founded with other friends the collective of research in systemic design Sustainable Making. Nowadays I collaborate with Studio Superfluo as product and system designer.

CoRete Roma is a network of collaborative spaces like coworking, colinving, fab labs and others. It bring together people that work in collaborative economy and in social innovation.
The goal is to create a longlasting local economy that is useful for workers inside the network and also useful for the city, in terms of recovering and redesign unused public and private spaces, giving it back to citizens. CoRete wants to develop solutions and ideas for the commons through the sharing of skills and spaces.

What am I interested in?

I am interested in all the ideas, projects and processes that aim to make our society a more sustainable one. It can be circular economy, social innovation, blue economy, collaborative economy or post-capitalist, it has to be an economy that works as a system, where there no such thing as waste and exploitation, of any kind.


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