Gaspare Caliri

Bologna, Italy

co-founder of Kilowatt

What do I do?

Kilowatt was funded 3 years ago by a group of friends, working in different fields from sustainability, communication, video and interaction, design thinking, with the dream of creating a working space where sharing (of knowledge, space, networks), cross fertilization of knowledge could be the drivers for innovation and for doing business.

We work as a crowdsourced incubator, because we create value for our community organizing the knowledge and skills of the community itself, a mutual exchange.

Then, in terms of opportunities, we are trying to put forth a new concept of work and working space, which could better respond to the needs of the new enterprises and entrepreneurs: a space which is inclusive, open to society and citizenship, a space which provide those services that a freelance can barely access (babysitting and kinder garden for example).

What am I interested in?

This kind of concept of working space has a public value we believe, for this reason since the beginning of our journey we tried to talk with the public administration, to have access to an abandoned public space/building, that we would have renovated to create a space of work and innovation to the benefit of the city.