Christoph Grud


Co-founder of the “Bäckerei-Kulturbackstube”

What do I do?

Christoph Grud:
Born in 1976
Studied Architecture in Innsbruck.
Working in the “Bäckerei-Kulturbackstube” since the beginning. Co-founder in 2009
The “Bäckerei-Kulturbackstube”:
is a physical space with about 1200m2.
The Bäckerei is a social business.
It is a learning room, a laboratory and experimental space to develop and test new models in the fields of society, economics and living.
It is also a space for cultural events, a co-work, and a co-toolworkshop.
It is open source and bottom up.
What do i do in the “Bäckerei”
Conceptual work: Opening new fields by thinking about the context of what we are doing and in which field we are in. And doing it !
Design of open spaces.
Swings the broom as well.
Interested in:
Social innovation and social business.
Bringing together culture and economics and developing social business out of this cooperations.
New learning spaces
Good in :
Seeing a bigger picture of the puzzle and putting together the pices.
Bad in:
Staying focused in one thing…;-)