Yvonne Franz

Austria / Germany

Austrian Academy of Sciences

What do I do?

I am urban geographer and work as Post-Doc researcher at the Autrian Academy of Sciences. As I enjoy teaching and the fresh spirit of students a lot, I am also lecturing at the University of Vienna. That is why I am, so to say, naturally surrounded by social innvoation each day. We might do not call it “social innovation” yet, but it is there, already. This perspecitve as well as the academic way of reflecting critically on transformation processes, is what I would like to contribute within the SIAC project. 

What am I interested in?

I like to live and think about cities. That is why I am always keen of getting to know more about urban and neighbourhood development, diversity and adapting policy structures. My goal is to raise awareness on the already existing potential for social innovation by linking public sector with individual creators in a trustworthy and sustainable manner.

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