Janine Fellner


Coordinator of the program „TIROL 2050 energieautonom“
What do I do?
I am coordinating the energy program „TIROL 2050 energieautonom“ (www.tirol2050.at) by the Tyrolean government. The Austrian province Tyrol, located amidst the Alps, is nationwide known to value tradition and sustainable progress in equal measure. The wide work field “energy” contains topics of a broad range, such as mobility, industry & production and consumption of each and every household. TIROL 2050 energieautonom’s aim is to approach issues of our daily lives, e.g. regional food supply, or how our resources (food, mobility, living standards and so on) can be used with more common sense and in regards of a sustainable future.
New technologies and social innovations are necessary for change, as well as our society reinventing itself. Transforming long-established structures in our society will keep us busy the upcoming years. Harald Welzer mentions one of the big questions of our time: „Change by Design or by Disaster? “. This inspires me to integrate knowledge in our daily life’s as well as in the broad variety of individual lifestyles.
What makes it easier for me to work with people is to know where their passions and missions lie.
What I am interested in?
I strive to combine a healthy way of living and working, as well as establishing a sustainable relationship between human and the environment – from experimenting in the field, to detaching oneself from useless & damaging habits, and up to continuous change of living.
I am passionate about experimenting and learning about innovative ways. I want to build up a model, through which the changes of which we have talked about and heard of for quite some time now, can be lived in the long run. And that I want to do in a collective and inspiring way. To learn from existing models and to be part of a network of early adopters is important to me. This way courage and trust to find innovative possibilities can be introduced in society.
Key words: Sustainability, Change Management, Creative Commons, Public Participation, Cooperation Forms