,Dear likeminded people

The SIAC network consists now of likeminded scientists and practitioners that work SI-accelerators that are based on the features that we as a group dynamically continuously develop. We are all based in Europe. If you feel that you could support the network and get wanted support in return, please contact us. We are happy to talk to you!

Each member of the SIAC network works on a local, national and transnational level. On all levels co-creation can be possible. On a local level to join the local network of one of our participants SI-accelerator or maybe build a new one. On a national level to join in a consortium to enable SI-accelerators to work by mutual beneficiary contracts. On a transnational level to learn and share knowledge and contribute to scientific (short-term, longitudinal and/or multidisciplinary) research and spreading this knowlegde.

Because we strongly believe that a tripartite of partitioners, scientists and government is the only way of really change our society to a more democratic and inclusive society, we would also like to team up with local, regional, national government or politicians.

First we will talk to each other to find out in which way and on which level we can benefit both from a collaboration. Please write us an email or give us a call. We are curious to learn about you

erna (at) siac.network

arjan (at) siac.network


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