Arjan Biemans

The Netherlands

Co-founder of the SIAC network

What do I do?

Arjan Biemans is an entrepreneur and an innovator in the social/health domain, creating new networks and social labs. He is involved with the national network Projectenbrigade in the Netherlands as well as the international network, Social Innovation Acceleration in Cities (SIAC, SEiSMiC). Currently, he is working on a project with Social Innovation Factory in Brussels to create new social labs based on shared insights together with parties from different countries in a trans national working group within SEiSMiC. The project aims at bridging the gap between government, research and social innovations.

What am I interested in?

Interaction between traditional systems and new initiatives. Social innovation labs. Ecosystem for Social Innovation

Bottom – up innovation, receptive society.

Shaking up traditional ways of organizing, personal leadership/development.


Arjan (at)